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What is oneNDA?

oneNDA is a crowdsourced, standardised NDA. We worked with a group of lawyers from some of the world’s leading law firms and in-house teams to collaboratively create a standard NDA. Find out more about how we created oneNDA here.


Click here to download oneNDA v2! 

If you're using oneNDA in your company, tell us you've adopted it here!

How to use

  1. Download oneNDA

  2. Complete the parties and execution section

  3. Complete the variables section with your preferred terms

  4. Send to the other party

Why hasn't a clause been included in oneNDA?

Find out why we didn't include a few clauses in our Graveyard post.

We understand that driving organisational change and getting a new document adopted within your company can be a challenge. 

Click here to read our step by step guide on how to get oneNDA adopted.

What happens when the other side sends you their NDA? We suggest you push back and ask them to sign oneNDA instead. Here’s a template email we suggest you use:

As you may be aware, a new general purpose standard wording NDA has been launched recently by oneNDA which we at [COMPANY NAME] have adopted for all suitable transactions. I am sure you will agree that much time is wasted unproductively reviewing different NDAs for each transaction when the same clauses are required in most scenarios, and standardised contracts are of course successfully used in many commercial situations.

oneNDA was created collaboratively by a group of leading law firms and in-house teams with input from the wider legal community. The terms of oneNDA have been discussed extensively in order to make it balanced, fair and easy to understand. You can find more information on why certain clauses aren’t included here. Adopters of oneNDA have had very little push-back when proposing its use, so clearly confidence is being expressed in the document. To see a list of other oneNDA adopters, please head over to the directory and if you have any questions on oneNDA, you can read the FAQs or leave your question here and the oneNDA team will get back to you.

This is a mutual NDA for the benefit of both parties sharing confidential information with each other. oneNDA can be used at no cost but cannot be amended other than to populate the details specific to the parties on the first page. I think you will find it is clear, well drafted and balanced. I would like you to consider using the oneNDA document for this project, without amendments and attach a copy below.

Previous versions

You can find oneNDA v1 here. Find out what's changed from v1 here.


This document is subject to the CC BY-ND 4.0 Licence.


Feel free to download the attached template and give us your feedback below.

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    • Legal Director
    • 1 mth ago
    • Reported - view

    What are people's views on the suitability of using oneNDA prior to sharing an investment deck with potential investors and with covering the subsequent discussions and further sharing of info with a view to investment.

    • ROB ATKINSON  just spotted the M&A version which has a bit extra in but not sure I need things like the undertaking on non-solicitation and no exclusivity clauses but I would like the no-warranty statement...although that is already mentioned in the IM.  I think I'm answering my own question...standard oneNDA seems fine as long as key things like no warranty on accuracy and no obligation to do a deal are covered in the IM.  Sound about right?

    • Roisin Noonan  Electra Japonas  any thoughts on this?  many thanks

    • ROB ATKINSON realistically, very few investors would sign any NDA before they see a pitch deck.  If they do accept however, then there's no reason why oneNDA wouldn't be suitable. Having said that, please don't take this as legal advice as we can't advise on specific cases! 

    • Electra Japonas  understood...looking for thoughts not legal advice!  Suprised to hear you say that as I've looked at dozens of IMs and rarely been given one without signing an NDA first...but thanks for your thoughts on suitability of oneNDA...I'm using it!! 

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    • ROB ATKINSON interesting! Glad to hear you're using it and apologies for the very lawyer-like caveat I threw in there :) 

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    • Avril Ford
    • Corporate Counsel
    • Avril_Ford
    • 18 hrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Happy to say we announced our adoption of oneNDA to our business last week  after a trial with procurement last year.

    We had to create a separate document of 'purpose' descriptions based on experience for users to cut-and-paste because the protected status meant we couldn't include a drop-down menu.  I suspect that's a Word limitation but sharing the feedback in case there's any way to enable that in the future.

    We have had a request for it to be in PDF for digital signature signing.  Are others doing that?

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