How does Claustack work?

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Claustack for better contracts

Claustack is a community platform lawyers can come together to: 

  1. Start and run a project to standardise an agreement

  2. Contribute to open standardisation projects through feedback 

  3. Access better, more balanced, peer-reviewed contract templates 

  4. Leverage the legal community to review and improve your own terms

  5. Share knowledge with peers 

  6. Access and contribute to a community of peers working together to solve common problems 

How do I run a standardisation project?

If you’d like to run your own standardisation project, you will be called an ‘Owner’. Here’s how it goes:

Approval phase: 

  1. Submit your idea to Claustack for the project you'd like to lead for approval.

  2. If approved, you'll be invited to a call with the Claustack team to discuss your idea and why you want to run the project. 

  3. Depending on the nature of the project, we may ask you to form a steering committee comprising other lawyers who commit to being early adopters once the project is concluded. Alternatively, you may be able to go ahead with no SteerCo and instead work directly with the wider Claustack community. 

  4. Once approved, we'll help you set up your project on the platform. 

Principles phase (1-2 weeks)  

  1. The first step is to set out the broader principles of the agreement you're standardising. The objective in this phase is to encourage people to critically assess whether a certain principle should or shouldn't be in an agreement, without having to consider the drafting of that principle or how it's expressed. An example principle from oneNDA is 'receiving party should have obligation to destroy confidential information upon request by disclosing party'. 

  2. You then have an option to either open up the principles for feedback from the wider community OR share it with your SteerCo only depending on the way your project is set up. 

  3. Participants will be invited to vote on which principles they think should be kept or removed, suggest more principles and provide comments. 

  4. Once the voting is closed, you'll be able to collate the comments and group them into provisions which will be drafted in the next phase. 

Drafting phase (1-2 weeks): 

  1. You now have a choice to either draft the entire agreement yourself / amend one you already have to reflect the output of the Principles phase OR ask your SteerCo or the wider community to input into the drafting. 

  2. If you choose the latter, you may ask contributors to submit their drafting to you which you then put out to the SteerCo / community to vote on their preferred language. 

  3. Once you have a draft, this will be published on Claustack as v0. 

Review phase (1-2 weeks): 

  1. v0 is now published to the community for feedback. 
  2. Feedback is provided in the form of comments. Other contributors are able to vote on the comments they agree with. 
  3. Once the review phase is closed, you may incorporate the feedback you received into the final document. As the Owner, you have the final say on what goes in, but taking community feedback into account will encourage wider adoption. 

Final document issue: 

  1. The final document is issued as v1 in the Library. 
  2. The community will be encouraged to use it and provide feedback along the way on how the document is performing for them. You'll be able to measure how many people download the document so you can measure your project's success. 
  3. You may consider iterating on the document and issuing an improved version 2, although this is not recommended within the first 6 months of issuing v1. More details on how to iterate on v1 coming soon. 

Why would I run a standardisation project? 

If you're individual: 

  1. Make a real impact on the legal industry 
  2. Bolster your personal brand 
  3. Connect with like-minded lawyers and build your network 

If you're a supplier: 

  1. Benefit your clients with true value-add work which also benefits the wider legal community
  2. Build your brand and expand your reach 
  3. Connect with your audience in a meaningful way

If you're an enterprise: 

  1. Create common standards that reduce negotiation time and cost 
  2. Build relationships with peers within your industry 
  3. Position your organisation as a thought leader in the area of legal innovation 

How do I download a free template?

Simply head to to the Library, choose your template, and download it within the Information section. 

Feel free to comment in the respective Feedback section, your comments will be picked up by the Owners who may iterate on it to make it better at their discretion.

Let people know you’re using it as that influences more people to use it and helps the document become an industry standard.

Can I contribute to the Library without running a standardisation project?

Not at this stage but we're looking into this for the near future.

Will you credit me if I run a standardisation project?

Yes, you will be fully credited for your efforts. You're an integral part of this community and we want to shout about you! 

Can I use the community to improve my own terms or run a private standardisation project?

Yes. If you'd like to run a private project please contact us at hello@claustack.com for more details.


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